Faculty/Staff Network Drives

When faculty and staff are logged in to a computer on campus, there will be several network drives available: P:, S: and T:. 

The P: drive is the home directory tied to the individual user account. The account holder is the only one able to access files on P:.

The S: drive is the home directory for all shared folders available to the account holder. Included on the S: drive will be a folder for the account holder’s department, in abbreviated form.

The T: drive is the home directory tied to the account holder’s department. The T: drive is simply another way to reference or map to the departmental folder on the S: drive. T: is not another copy of S:, it is pointing to the exact same copy of the file/folder. Deleting a file in the departmental folder on S: will cause the file to “disappear” from T:.

Files in the departmental shared folders (T: and the departmental folder on S:) are typically available to all members of the department. However, restrictions can be set up causing availability of folders within the departmental folder to vary from person to person.


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