Popular Services

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Laptops and desktops that are issued to employees of Anderson University as either permanent or loaned equipment.

Faculty, staff, and students may change their network password by using the password change tool.

Aiding system users as they encounter difficulties and faults when using PeopleSoft

When a new employee joins the AU community, new account access needs to be created.

Anderson University has Multi-Function Devices (MFD's) and desktop printers across campus. Printer Maintenance includes calling a device in for repair, questions about toner, as well as any questions about how a device works

AccessAU Academics, AccessAU HR, and AccessAU Finance

Access for entertainment devices for campus residents (only available in residence halls)


Faculty and staff working from off campus locations such as home, a hotel, or the local coffee shop, should use a VPN to keep data secure while working from those locations.

PaperCut is software that works with the printers across campus.

ITS provides network service to support all university-approved functions.

Includes wireless access for students, faculty, staff and AU affiliates

Faculty and staff information for Canvas, AU's learning management system. Use this form for asking questions, reporting problems, requesting extra courses, merging course sections, and requesting training or consultations.

Incoming student accounts are automatically created and an email is sent to the student's personal email with login information.

ITS has presentation equipment for checkout and delivery on campus for faculty and staff.

If you suspect there is an outage of any ITS service, please let us know!

Departments order paper to be delivered by ITS.

Add a monitor, move from a desktop to a laptop, etc

If a student has an issue with their machine, ITS can assist in some cases. We are not able to fix hardware issues on a personal machine.

Anderson University provides Office 365 to Undergraduate Students at no cost to them.

Due to life events, users may need to make changes to their user accounts. ITS allows the change of user name and email address.

ShoreTel is voicemail software that is installed on all faculty and staff machines.

ITS is available to help with conference room technology and TV displays in a limited capacity.

ShoreTel phones are installed in each office. All University Owned computers also have ShoreTel software installed on them to work with the phone.

Includes information on regularly scheduled training for faculty and staff