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Kaltura is a Canvas tool that allows instructors and students to minimize obstacles that are normally present within online content delivery. Kaltura allows users to record, create, upload, and distribute their content all from within Canvas using the My Media and Media Gallery Course Navigation menu items. Virtual Classrooms are nested in the course Media Gallery and the link to the Virtual Classroom will be the same throughout the entire semester and will only change during a new semester. This article provides a general overview. For more information, see our list of Kaltura knowledge base articles.



Kaltura is split into two navigation points: My Media and Media Gallery. To find these navigation points, open up any course and select either My Media or Media Gallery on the left side of the screen (course navigation menu). 


My Media allows user to upload, capture, edit, caption, publish videos and create video quizzes. My Media houses all the users content across all courses that the users is enrolled in. If a user wants to publish a video select the video [2] and choose option B Publish. 

Media Gallery is the Individual Media Course Gallery and only published videos show up in the course Media Gallery--If a video is not published, it will not show up in the course Media Gallery. To learn how to publish a video, click here.  Select Media Gallery from the Course Navigation and choose the [A] + Add New to add new Media to the Media Gallery or Start Meeting [B] to start a virtual classroom session. Click here to learn more about virtual classrooms.

Questions? Need Help?

If you have questions or need some help, please let ITS know by submitting a Raven Solutions request.


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