Use Google Drive Seamlessly in Canvas as an Instructor

Google Drive Integration with Canvas

You've always been able to share content from your Google Drive in Canvas, but now you will be able to do so seamlessly. We've created a video to explain all the new Google Drive features. It's a little long (10 minutes), so we've broken it into smaller videos linked below:

  1. View Google Drive in the Canvas Course Menu (Part One Video | Canvas Help Page)
  2. Embed and Link to Content from Google Drive in the Rich Content Editor (Part One Video | Canvas Help Page)
  3. Add Google Drive Content to Modules Using External Tools (Part Two Video | Canvas Help Page)
  4. Allow Students to Collaborate in Canvas Using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides (Part Three Video | Canvas Help Page)
  5. Link to Cloud Assignments in Google Drive (Part Four Video | Canvas Help Page)


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