Bookmarking Courses for Quick Access in Google Chrome


Bookmarks are a helpful way to quickly access Canvas courses.  Typically webpages are bookmarked for convenience, these bookmarks can be anything from shopping sites, work related websites such as MyAU or Raven Solutions. If you have a lot of Canvas Courses that you manage, it can be helpful to bookmark them and organize them into a folder for quick access. If your preference is Firefox, the process is relatively similar. 


Make sure you have your bookmark toolbar enabled. The easiest way to determine whether or not your bookmark toolbar is enabled is if you have icons/shortcuts below the web address bar that you can click on to quickly access a saved web page. If this is not the case, you will need to enable your bookmark bar as illustrated by the picture below:



Step 1: Navigate to the course that would like to bookmark (in this article, I have navigated to the Faculty: IRC Training Course

  • If you wish to bookmark a direct area within a course, you should navigate to that part of the course instead of the course homepage (i.e. you want to bookmark the Canvas Grade book for a given course). 

Step 2: Right click anywhere in the bookmark bar. The bookmark bar spans across the entire screen, so where you right click doesn't have to be too precise.

  •  If your bookmark bar is already full, you can still click on a visible folder or icon or in between a folder or icon to access the "right click menu"
  •  Folders and icons can be "dragged and dropped"and moved around to your personal preference. 

Step 3: Choose the option labeled "Add Folder

Step 4: Create an name for the folder 
Step 5: Press the Blue Save Button


Step 6: Locate your newly created Bookmark Folder (for this article--I named the folder Canvas Course)


Step 7: Using the left mouse button, press and hold down on the lock icon and drag the link to your folder that you just created. 

  • You may need to move the currently bookmarked items around on the toolbar if you can't immediately see the folder you just created


  • Note that when you bookmark an item, the star icon in the far right of the web address bar will turn blue

Need Additional Help?

If you need additional assistance, please submit a Raven Solutions Request. 


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