New Gradebook in Canvas


The new gradebook in Canvas is expected to replace the classic gradebook in 2020. Instructors can turn on the new gradebook on a course-by-course basis by going to the Course Settings menu, clicking the Feature Options tab, and clicking the switch next to the New Gradebook option. The New Gradebook can be turned off until you start entering grades. We recommend that instructors start out by turning on the gradebook for one course as they are starting out.

What Can I Do with the New Gradebook?

The new Gradebook features the same functionality as the classic Gradebook, but it improves on the layout and functionality. Canvas has an excellent orientation video to get you started: New Gradebook Overview (Instructors)

We recommend checking out these articles from Canvas to learn more:

To view all articles about the new Gradebook, visit the Canvas Guides for Instructors.

Important Note about Missing and Late Assignment Policies

The new grading policy settings in Canvas allow instructors to set rules for how Canvas should handle missing or late submissions. It is very important that you set assignment due dates before turning on the Missing and Late Assignment grading policies. If you copy a previous course and do not remove or change the due dates, Canvas will immediately apply the missing and late assignment rules and "grade" students with a score of zero (before the student have even been assigned the work). PLEASE SET YOUR DUE DATES FIRST!


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