Adding Guests, Librarians, Tutors, and Teaching Assistants to a Canvas Course

Instructors have the ability to add guests to Canvas courses from within or outside the university. Guests can be added temporarily or for the duration of a course in Canvas. Please note: This process is not to be used for registered students in your course. Registered students will be automatically added via AccessAU.

To add a guest:

  1. In the course, click on the People link within the menu at the left.
  2. Click the +People button.
  3. To add a guest within the university, type in the person's username. (Hint: the username is the first part of a person's AU email - before the To add a guest from outside the university, type in the person's email address.
  4. Select the role that the guest will play in the course. (Tutor role is best for guest presenters; Students assisting in a class MUST NOT be given the Teacher or Professor role.) Click the Next button.
  5. The next screen will confirm the information about the guest you are adding. Click the Add Users button.

The guest will receive an email invitation to join your course in Canvas. The email will include a link to Canvas that will complete the enrollment in your course. Guests outside the university will use the supplied email address as a password and will be prompted to create a password.


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