Creating a Video Discussion Post (Recording from Webcam)


Students can use the Kaltura embed media tool to embed videos for Canvas Discussions.


Step 1: Click on the Kaltura Icon

Step 2: Choose Record from Webcam

Step 3: Press the Red Record button to start recording. 
Note: you can change audio and video inputs by clicking on the Gear Icon and if you need to scroll down, use the drag & scroll bar on the right.

Step 4: Press the Stop Button to stop the recording. 

Step 5: Press Use This to upload the video or press Record Again if you wish to redo the recording.

--Listen to the recording at least once to make sure you can hear and see yourself!--

Step 6: Press the </> Embed Button to insert the video into the Discussion Post.

Step 7: Press the Blue Reply Button at the lower right of the screen to finish the discussion post
Note: if you need to add text, you should add text before you press the reply button. 

*Note: video may not be viewable immediately after it has been uploaded. Do not wait until the discussion assignment is due to upload your post (the assignment may be counted as late). 
Video upload is not recommended on a tablet or mobile device. 


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