Adding Captions with ScreenPal

This is a tutorial on how to add captions to a video in ScreenPal:

     Once you are done editing, you can add captions to your recording by clicking the CC button icon next to the timeline. Alternatively, you can add captions, by pressing the [+ Captions] button towards the lower right of the video editor.

     It is possible to alternate between the editor and captioning, however, the video editor does not always cooperate. To “refresh” the editor, check to make sure an “AutoSave” occurred (gray and blue notification in the upper right of screen) and then select “Back to recordings” (grey and black arrow in the upper left of screen). Select the recording again and it will be refreshed.

You have an option to either add captions from a captions file on your computer, use the speech-to-text service to request captions for the audio, or you can start with blank captions and manually add them.

    ScreenPal uses a speech-to-text service from Google so if you choose that option, your audio will be sent to that service for processing. Google does a good job of processing speech to text but it is not perfect. You will want to examine each section of the captioning to check for accuracy and correct any errors in the speech-to-text.

When using speech-to-text, be sure to use this drop-down menu to select the correct language.

     The captioning feature "breaks up the audio into small segments to make captioning easier. If you chose the option to start with blank captions. Hit start and from here, add caption text by clicking this play button in the first section, it will start playing the audio at that point in the video. After a few words are played, you should start inputting text, which will pause the playback. To resume, press the "enter" key and continue.

If there are long sections where silence wasn't detected automatically then you may want to manually add some sections to sync up where the text is displayed.

  1. To manually add text, you can go to the exact spot you would like the text to be shown and then click the [+ Sync Point] option right above the timeline.
  2. Next, place the text cursor right before the location of the caption you want to appear and then hit the "enter" key.
  • Hitting enter will split the section (creating a spot for you to add a new caption), and update the time to sync up accordingly.


When you are finished adding captions, and making the editorial changes, select the gray Done button in the lower right corner and go through the save & publish process. 


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