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The Student Interactions Report allows you to see and evaluate the interactions between you and those enrolled in your course. You can access this information from the Grades page in Course Navigation or the People page for a specific course.
You can weight final grades based on assignment groups. Selecting this option assigns a weight to each assignment group, not the assignments themselves. Within each assignment group, a percentage is calculated by dividing the total points a student has earned by the total points possible for all assignments in that group.
The Missing Submission policy lets you automatically apply a grade for all missing submissions in the Gradebook. A submission is labeled missing when the due date has passed and it has not been submitted. Only submissions with a status of Missing will be affected by the Missing Submission policy. The Missing Submission policy is set per course.
Kaltura allows users to create video quizzes using the content from their My Media space. Gradable answer types available are T/F and Multiple Choice (there is also fill in the blank and reflection point, however, these are not gradable answer types). Video quiz grades are automatically sent back to the Canvas Gradebook when the user finishes the quiz.