Why Can't I Just Email a Request?


We love serving the AU community! We have a goal to provide you prompt, timely, and excellent service. In order to do that, though, we can no longer continue to accept requests for help via email. We don’t want this to come off as rude. Honestly, we really are fond of you! However, we have 3 compelling reasons why you should stop emailing us and plan on using Raven Solutions to submit your requests instead.

Get Help from the Right Person

Emailing individual staff members may seem like the fastest way to get help, but putting a request into Raven Solutions will actually route your information to the right person faster. If one of us is out of the office, the appropriate back-up person will see your request and handle it instead.

Provide Us with the Details Up Front

The request forms in Raven Solutions are tailored to the exact information that we need to get started on your request. If you fill out the form instead of emailing us, it will cut down on the delay that comes from us asking questions and waiting for your response.

Hold Us Accountable

Requests made in Raven Solutions are tracked in a system so that we can monitor the progress of the request. Sometimes things can get lost in the shuffle of emails; we can read it, but forget about it. With Raven Solutions, the system is a record of all our interactions and provides us with a system for handling things in a timely manner. We have even set up goals around the time it will take us to initially respond and finally close your tickets.

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