Updating Raven Wireless on Your iPhone or iPad

Updating Raven Wireless on an iPhone or iPad

Whenever something changes to the settings for Raven Wireless, you will need to update your connection on your iPhone or iPad. The two most common reasons you will need to update are:

  • Each time you update your AU Network password (every 6 months)
  • Each time the university updates our security certificates (usually every year, but the schedule is subject to change)

Your iPhone or iPad will not give you a message that Raven Wireless is not working. Instead, it will switch you to another trusted network (like Raven Guest) or a cellular data network. The first indication that there is a problem maybe that you are noticing a slower connection or you're not able to access resources like Canvas and AccessAU which can't be accessed on Raven Guest. If you are notified by ITS of a change or you notice that you're having trouble connecting, these steps should help you get re-connected:

  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap Raven Wireless.

  1. Tap Forget this Network.

  1. Under the list of "Other Networks," tap Raven Wireless.

  1. Enter your AU Network Username and Password [1] and tap Join [2].

  1. AU has a Security Certificate that verifies that you are connecting to AU's network. The certificate is for *.anderson.edu and will be listed as Not Trusted. The certificate will show up as Not Trusted, but it is not because AU Network is untrustworthy. The phrase Not Trusted means that it has not yet been trusted by you on your deviceTap the word Trust to accept the certificate.

Your device will now be connected to Raven Wireless. If you need help or have any questions, please connect ITS by putting in a Raven Solutions request.

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