Zoom for Instructors

Hosting a Meeting via anderson.zoom.us

In order to host a meeting through anderson.zoom.us, follow the instructions below.

  1. Click Host from the homepage.
  2. Sign in when prompted through either Google or your email address.
  3. Zoom will prompt you to download and run a program. Download and launch the program. 
  4. You are now hosting a meeting. Students may be invited via the "Invite" button at the bottom left hand of the screen. 


Hosting a Meeting via the Zoom Application

To host a meeting via the Zoom application, follow the instructions below.

  1. Type "Zoom" in the Windows Search Bar on your desktop. The application "Start Zoom" will appear - click this.
  2. Sign in when prompted. You will now have a small Zoom window on your desktop with the following options:
    1. New Meeting - to host a new meeting without prior arrangement.
    2. Join - to join a current meeting with a Meeting ID or Personal Link Name.
    3. Schedule - to schedule a meeting with one or many students (this can be a recurring invitation if desired).
    4. Share Screen - share your screen using a Meeting ID or Sharing Key.
  3. Use "New Meeting" to instantly start a meeting and invite students, or use "Schedule" to set up the meeting ahead of time.


Meeting Controls

Zoom has many meeting controls that the host can utilize to make the conference more engaging. Check out the video below for more information.


Breakout Rooms

With Zoom, you can set up breakout rooms for students to discuss topics in a group setting, separate from the lecture. This can be a particularly handy function when dealing with large classes where group work is required. For more information, check out the video below.


Screen Sharing

If you need to present a PowerPoint, display a video, or simply want to show students what is on your screen, you can display it via Zoom's Screen Sharing option. This is an excellent tool for instructors and students alike that need to present content through a web conferencing platform. 



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