Cleaning Glass boards

Cleaning Glass boards is an easy process. The best practices for cleaning glass boards is to use a microfiber cloth and spray-on glass cleaners such as Windex. However, most of the writing on the glass boards can be cleaned with water and a microfiber cloth. Dry erase erasers are also okay to use on glass boards. 

 Do not use paper towels or abrasive cleaners.

  • Cleaners that generally are used to clean bathrooms, kitchen and general-purpose cleaners are considered abrasive cleaners. Plain water or glass cleaners like Windex are all that is need.
  • The fibers in paper towels can scratch the glass. A clean microfiber cloth is gentle enough to prevent scratches.

Do not despair if glass boards are marked with things such as paint, oil, crayon, tape residue, or permanent marker, etc. Under no circumstances should paint removers or abrasive cleaners be used to clean the glass boards. First, try to clean the glass board with microfiber cloth and water. If this does not work, try glass cleaner. Switch to clean microfiber cloths for heavy messes to avoid spreading the mess around. If neither of those options has worked please submit a request so that ITS can take care of the issue.

A Word About Magnets

Most of the glass boards around campus are magnetic, however, ITS asks that you not use any magnets that contain a hard outer surface. Magnets have a tendency to scratch the glass (this is common with ceramic and neodymium magnets). As an alternative, we ask that you use rubber coated magnets (rubber-coated neodymium and ceramic magnets do exist). 


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