Monitor or projector not displaying correctly?

Instructors are able to choose what they want to be displayed on the computer monitor and the projector screen to suit their teaching style. If the monitor or projector is not displaying correctly, please follow these steps to fix the issue:

  1. Press the Windows key and the P key to display the Project menu.

Windows Key plus P image

  1. Choose your projection option:

Project Menu image

  • Click Duplicate if you want the monitor and projector to display the same image.

  • Click Extend if you want the monitor and projector to display separate images.

If there is still an issue with the display, reach out to ITS by calling 641-4300 and let the receptionist know the nature of the problem, the building and room number, and if it’s okay for us to interrupt your class to fix the issue.



Article ID: 85479
Fri 8/23/19 8:20 AM