Recommended Computer Specifications for Students

We recommend a Windows computer for most students, but it is a personal choice between Windows, Apple, or a Chromebook. Any option will work fine on the network.

Those studying in Graphics Design and other media-related coursework may prefer a MacBook (laptop). It's always best to consult the academic department for your major to understand what will work best.

For Windows computers, we have partnered with Dell to offer computer systems at a discount to AU students. Visit for recommended Dell systems. We offer Microsoft Office 365 (A3 license) for free to students! Please visit this page to find out more.

If you wish to bring or purchase a system other than Dell; below is our basic recommended computer specifications:

· Intel or AMD processors 

· 8 GB RAM (4 GB minimum)

· Minimum 256 GB hard drive 

· 512 MB or more dedicated video RAM

· Ethernet network port (support for a wired connection)

· Windows 10 is our preferred operating system

· We are not able to provide support for the Linux operating system

· Windows Vista, XP, ME, NT, Windows 98 are not allowed on the AU network

Additional items to consider:

· Google Drive is available through your university account for cloud backups.

· USB Flash Drive for saving class items

· Printer with USB cable (wireless printer not allowed)

· Signup for Office 365 on this Microsoft student webpage. You will need to verify your University email address before downloading any desktop apps.


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