Mobility Print

What is Mobility Print? 

Mobility Print allows students, faculty, and staff at Anderson University to use the printers around campus on Windows and Apple computers.

As opposed to WebPrint, the printer is treated as an installed device directly on the computer. Instead of navigating to a website online to print, campus printers will appear as an option from the print menu in the program you are using.

How do I set up Mobility Print?

Here is how to get Mobility Print installed on your computer:

  1. Make sure that you are connected to Raven Wireless.
  2. Go to
  3. Click the Download button.
  4. Open the downloaded file to run the Mobility Print installer.
    • On a Windows computer: Follow the installer prompts; you must sign in with your AU username and password during this process and you will be asked to select the printers that you would like to install. See the next section for printers available in common spaces on campus.
    • On an Apple computer: Follow the installer prompts; you will need to enter the password for your computer or use the touchID if available. All the available printers on campus will be installed on your computer. To remove the printers you don't want to be installed, go into System Preferences > Printers, select the print you want to remove and click the - (minus) button underneath the list.

Once the Mobility Print installer is completed, you can select the campus printer of your choice from the print menu of whatever program you using (Word, Chrome, etc.). Forgot to install or deleted a printer? Simply follow the steps above again and select the printer you need.

What printers should I install?

The following are printers available in common spaces on campus:

  • DECK01: Decker Commons (bottom of Decker)
  • DECK02: Lounge outside Modern Foreign Languages and English departments
  • HART01: Hartung Lounge
  • LIBBLUE: Black and White copies in Nicholson Library
  • LIBBLUE_COLOR: Color copies in Nicholson Library
  • LIBORANGE: Black and White copies in Nicholson Library
  • LIBORANGE_COLOR: Color copies in Nicholson Library
  • LIBRED: Black and White copies in 24-hour Computer Lab in Nicholson Library
  • OLT01: OLT Bottom floor outside of SGA Office

The following printers are available for Honors students:

  • MAHL01: Martin Hall Honors Lounge
  • SNHL01: Scholar's Nest (Nicholson Library)
  • SmithHL01: Smith Hall Honors Lounge

Additional departmental printers are available for installation. Labels on the printer should indicate the printer's name as it will be listed in the system.

Questions? Need Help?

If you have questions or need some help, please let ITS know by submitting a Raven Solutions request.

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