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Students can you ScreenPal/Screencast-O-Matic for free to record presentations up to 15 minutes. The presentations can then be edited and uploaded to Google Drive and then shared as a link for a Canvas assignment.
If you're new to Canvas, this quick guide will help you start learning more about AU's learning management system.
You have no doubt mastered a lot of skills over the years to be a successful learner, but learning online can be a little different. This article will offer you some important tips on being a temporary online learner.
ITS is prepared to help you with technical issues even while you're off-campus!
When you signed up for classes this semester, none of us knew that we were going to have to move classes online temporarily. We understand that some students may be worried about having the technology needed to complete course work online. This article offers some suggestions and gives you information for getting help.
One of the most important parts of being part of a learning community is the actual community. This article presents some practical tips that you can use to be an active participant in online discussions.