AU Brand Guide


The Anderson University Brand Guide creates a shared, strong, consistent, and recognizable visual brand identity that reflects the mission and values of the institution in a busy marketplace. A group of communication and marketing professionals from across the university developed these standards, which were reviewed and ratified by the President and Cabinet, updated in 2023.


Our Brand Guide contains approved uses of the Anderson University official logos - for electronic or print. The guidelines presented must be followed when using the official logos, which are Anderson University trademarks and cannot be used without the university‚Äôs express permission.

Click here to view our AU Brand Guide.

If you need a copy of a logo, please submit a ticket for a Logo Request.

Questions? Need Help?

After you have looked through our manual, if you still have questions please contact the Office of Marketing and Communication

To avoid trademark infringement and misuse of university logos, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communication for assistance on your university projects.


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