Raven Solutions Notifications

What Does a Raven Solutions Notification Look Like?

We think it's important that you know what a typical Raven Solutions notification email looks like so that you can trust the messages sent by the system. Here's the breakdown of the anatomy of a Raven Solution notification:

  1. Subject: The subject line will always start Raven Solutions: and will often list the type of notification and the title that was given for the request.
  2. From Email: The name in the reply email will the person who completed the action in Raven Solutions (your name in the case of a request being created). The email address will always be <notify@teamdynamixapp.com> because this is the default email that sends notifications from the system.
  3. Body: The box in the body of the notification will include the notification information. Often, the notification will include a direct link to your request in Raven Solutions.
  4. Reply information: The last part of the message will read "To comment on this item, reply to this email." and will include a unique code at the bottom starting with "----TEAMDYNAMIX DO NOT ALTER OR REMOVE THIS CODE----". As the message indicates, you can simply reply to the email to comment, but you do not want to delete this code at the bottom. The code will route your message to your ticket.

A typical email notification.

Types of Notifications

Raven Solutions will automatically send you the following notifications:

  • Ticket Created: Notifies you that a new ticket has been created.
  • Ticket Updated: Notifies you when the ticket is updated. This includes when the ticket status has changed. Two important statuses to pay attention to are On Hold-Awaiting Client (this means that we need some information from you) and Closed (this means we are done with your request).
  • Ticket Comment Added: Notifies you when a quick comment is added to the ticket.
  • Ticket Task Updated: Notifies you when a ticket task is updated.
  • Ticket Task Comment Added: Notifies you when a quick comment is added to a ticket task.
  • Ticket Workflow Step Assignment: Notifies you when you are assigned a step in the workflow of the ticket. This is almost always a notification asking for your approval. For example, if an employee requests the purchase of new equipment, we will ask you to approve the purchase.



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