I'm unable to join the Virtual Classroom


There are seemingly random occurrences that take place in the Kaltura Virtual Classroom Environment that result in a student being denied access to the Virtual Classroom. The most common occurrences are:

  1. Error message about browser blocking third-party Cookies
  2. Being redirected to a Guest Login page
  3. Blank screen when trying to join a Virtual Classroom

The root cause of these issues is the Chrome Brower blocking browser Cookies. Browser Cookies are snippets of data that are stored on the user's computer that are directly tied to the website that the user is on. These snippets of data consist of things like handshakes between two websites, relevant login data for a website, etc. In relation to not being able to join a Virtual Classroom, the issue is that Cookies are being blocked by the browser. The user simply needs to enable Cookies so the user's Kaltura Virtual Classroom profile can interact with the user's Canvas profile ( a handshake between Kaltura and Canvas) 

To fix this issue, ITS has created a Canvas Course that students be enrolled in or self-enroll to resolve the issue. Cookies need to be cleared during a Live Virtual Classroom session and oftentimes instructors cannot host an impromptu virtual classroom. By Joining this Canvas course, students can request an on-demand Virtual Classroom session to work through the Cookie Allowing process. If an instructor's Live Virtual Classroom is taking place, users can resolve the cookie issue during the session without causing any interference in the classroom. 

After joining the StudentKalturaTroubleshooitng Canvas course, students can request an on-demand virtual classroom session to resolve the issues. Once the issue has been resolved, the student will be removed from the Canvas course.  To join the course please fill out a Ravens Solution Request and let us know that you need to be invited or added into the StudentKalturaTroubelshooting.
Note: Virtual Classrooms are live for 12 hours and then they need to be restarted. 


Note: this article is written from a Chrome Browser perspective. Users can use Safari or Firefox however the results may vary. On topic: while it may be possible to join a Virtual Classroom from a mobile device, the Instructional Resource Center does not recommend it. 


1. Log into Canvas
2. Navigate to the Account Settings

3. Delete the Kaltura Token (you will create a fresh token during the process)
4. Select the OK button

5.   Navigate to a classroom with a live Virtual Classroom session occurring (or StudentKalturaTroubeshooting if you are enrolled in the course)
5b. If you are enrolled in StudentKalturaTroubeshooting and it does not show up on your Dashboard, search for it in using the Global Navigation Menu

6. Navigate to MediaGallery (an error message about 3rd party Cookies being blocked may appear)

7.   Click on the URL lock icon
8.   Select Cookies
9.   Select the Blocked Tab
10. Select the blocked cookie
11.  Select Allow
12. Select Done

13.   Reload the page
13b. Reauthorize Kaltura 

14. Select Join Meeting (if button is missing--Zoom out on the screen using the keyboard [CTRL and -] or, for Mac users [CMD and -]  )

A "Join as Guest" will likely appear,  this means that more Cookies are being blocked by your browser

15. Click the Lock Icon in the URL bar
16. Select Cookies
17. Select the Blocked Tab
18. Allow all Cookies that are being blocked (A,B,C,D)
19. Click Done after you have allowed all the cookies


20. Click Reload at the top of the screen (the page will refresh and the "Join as Guest" option will disappear)

If the Meeting page is blank, refresh the page and check to make sure no other cookies are being blocked before joining the meeting

21. Click on the Lock Icon in the URL
22. Select Cookies
23. Select Blocked
24. Select the blocked Cookie(s) by clicking on it
25. Click Allow
26. Click Done

27. Reload the page
28. Click the Join Meeting button in the upper right of the screen (if button is missing--Zoom out on the screen using the keyboard [CTRL and -] or, for Mac users [CMD and -]  )


When Joining the Meeting, the instructor may have set the Virtual Classroom to allow students to utilize their mic and camera. If this is the case, Click Activate and then Allow upon joining the meeting



Questions? Need Help?

If you have questions or need some help, please let ITS know by submitting a Raven Solutions request.


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