Policy: 9.1.3 Workforce Security

Workforce Selection

Every effort shall be made to ensure the workforce is trustworthy. These efforts shall include, but not necessarily be limited to,

  1. Requiring potential employees to submit to a background check;
  2. Checking references prior to hiring;

Security Agreements

Each workforce member having access to the administrative (PeopleSoft) system must fill out and sign the Confidentiality Form in etrieve.

Each person having access to the University's computing and networking resources is expected to read, understand, and abide by the University's Acceptable Use Policy. Use of the University's resources is presumptive evidence that the individual has consented to the Acceptable Use Agreement in etrieve.

Workforce Training

The purpose of workforce training is to forestall unintentional or negligent acts on the part of authorized people; to reduce the risk of access by unauthorized people; and to minimize the effects of natural or man-made disasters and malicious acts.

Workforce Training shall include:

  • Training employees in the proper handling of Customer Information and in computer and network security procedures including the following:
    • locking rooms and file cabinets where paper records are kept;
    • using the screen lock when leaving the workstation
    • changing passwords periodically, and not compromising those passwords by sharing them with others, entering them in the presence of others, or recording them in any form or location where they might be accessible to others;
    • encrypting sensitive information when it is transmitted electronically over networks;
    • referring calls or other requests for Customer Information to designated individuals who have had safeguards training; and
    • recognizing any fraudulent attempt to obtain Customer Information and reporting it to appropriate officials or law enforcement agencies.
  • Instructing and regularly reminding all employees of the University's policy -- and the legal requirement -- to keep Customer Information secure and confidential. Employees will be provided with a detailed description of the kind of Customer Information the University handles and the University will post reminders about employees' responsibility for the security in areas where such information is handled and stored.
  • Training employees in emergency procedures.

The Office of Work Life Engagement shall oversee adherence to these provisions.

Other Workforce Security Provisions

Subsections of this section are:

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