ITS Remote Support using Team Viewer


TeamViewer is a powerful tool that allows IT technicians to access your computer so that they can provide remote support. This article gives you instructions for installing the software before you have problems with your computer. Users install the Team Viewer software which randomly generates a unique User ID and Password that can be shared with IT technicians.

YOU SHOULD ONLY USE TEAM VIEWER WITH PEOPLE YOU TRUST BECAUSE YOU WILL BE GIVING THEM ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER. ITS uses Team Viewer for Raven Solution requests when we need to change settings on your machine or to see what you are seeing on your screen. We will always ask permission to access your computer over the phone or in a video conference with you. 

Things that you will need

1. Your device (laptop, desktop/computer, etc.) that you need help with.

2. A working internet connection on your device(wi-fi, Ethernet, etc.)  Team viewer uses the Internet to connect our computer to yours so we can troubleshoot the issue. If your device can't power on or you can't get internet access, we won't be able to remotely help you. 

3. You. You will need to be present during the process to answer questions, type things in or click on things. *Example, could you please click on this link we just created in Canvas, I want to verify that it works properly for you.

NOTE: When using Team viewer, ITS will never ask for personal data such as Passwords, Social Security, Driver's License, Banking Info, etc.

The Process

You will need to download and install Team Viewer on your device and when ITS is ready we will ask you for the randomly generated User ID and Password that Team viewer assigns you. After the remote connection is initiated, you will see your mouse move on its own and your keyboard type by itself. Do not be alarmed, this is because ITS is remotely operating your device just like if we were at your house fixing it (you still have control over your mouse and keyboard) After the remote session is ended, ITS will disconnect from your device

If you need help downloading and installing Team viewer, check out this brief walkthrough:

Questions? Need Help?

If you have questions or need some help installing Team Viewer, please let ITS know by submitting a Raven Solutions request.


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